We Have A Factory Of More Than 10,000 Square Meters And More Than 1,000 Professional Employees. We Can Help You Produce Exactly The Same Products, And Can Also Help You Print The Logo And Brand Packaging.

Local procurement costs too high?

If your product has no price advantage in local sales, or the purchase price of the product is too high, or you want to find someone to oem, you can contact us and i will quote you a price.

Want to develop a new product without a team?

If you have your own idea and want to make a certain functional product, but you can't draw 3D drawings, you can contact us, and we can give you a plan and make samples.

There are product pictures but no physical objects?

If you want to make a product, but only the picture of the product, not the actual product, you can contact us, you only need to tell us the approximate size, we can help you draw a 3D picture, and can help you make a 90% similarity sample.


As long as your order amount is over $2000, our design is free, drawing is free, and 3D sample production is free . ( Note: Before the order is confirmed, we will charge you a development fee of $199, after you confirm the order It will be refunded to you, if you need 3D physical goods to be sent to you, we will arrange international express, you only need to pay the express fee )


The Minimum Order Quantity For Zinc Alloy Products Is 1000 Pieces

The Minimum Order Quantity Of Aluminum Profile Products Is 1000 Pieces

The Minimum Order Quantity Of Aluminum Die Casting Products Is 2000 Pieces

The Minimum Order Quantity For Stainless Steel Products Is 1000 Pieces

    More and more companies decide to differentiate their products in the market with unique design. We can provide assistance in developing your own, exceptional products, based on our solutions. We would encourage you to use the below form to contact with our OEM/ODM Department for more details, we will reply to your email within 12 hours!


    1. The product mold of size 5mm-50mm is $699, the product mold of 50mm-200mm is $799, and the product mold of 200mm-400mm is $999.
    2. Aluminum profile mold development fee is $399 .
    3.  Aluminum alloy die-casting mold fee: $3999 for products with a length of 100mm-300mm and $5999 for a product with a length of 300mm-600mm.
    4. The cost of plastic die-casting molds is $9999.
    5. Silicone die casting mold fee is $9999.

    (Note: This price will decrease and increase according to the thickness and difficulty of the product, and will also increase and decrease according to the price of mold steel in the international market)